Automobile Accidents

Our lawyers have successfully represented thousands of clients who were injured in car accidents. Throughout the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett, Central Washington, and Eastern Washington regions, our clients have been awarded significant verdicts/settlements. 

America’s love of the automobile comes with a human price tag. Those in WA State are no different. Our award-winning attorneys have represented thousands of people seriously injured or killed in car crashes.

The tragedy of dealing with the aftermath of a crash does not end with the physical and emotional harm suffered. The red tape of dealing with insurance companies and the person who caused the wreck, can be overwhelming. One story we hear all the time is that the other person "admits fault." But once their insurance company gets involved, they change their story.

Experienced car accident lawyers know how to watch for hidden traps that can jeopardize the case. An example arises when there are more than two people who cause a crash. One might admit fault and try to settle the claim. But if settlement is accepted, then that destroys "joint and several liability". This can have huge financial consequences.

Another trap involves figuring out which insurance policies apply and what limits are related. In the Ethel Adams case, Farmers Insurance Company initially refused to pay benefits when Ms. Adams was almost killed in a road rage accident. They said it wasn’t an "accident." We filed suit and the public outrage was so great that the insurance company changed its mind. Our firm lobbied for a new law dubbed "The Ethel Adams law" that now prevents insurance companies from denying innocent victims uninsured motorist benefits.

Police departments may have major automobile incident teams (MAIT). These investigations occur at all fatality and most catastrophic injury scenes. Interpreting this data or determining whether it is accurate requires sophisticated and expert analysis. We have substantial resources that help us determine exactly what happened to cause a crash and why. The causes can range from driver negligence, to driving under the influence or while impaired, to automobile defect or highway defect. We consult with accident reconstructionists and safety engineers to make sure all the causes are properly identified.

At the same time, we assist our clients with navigating the healthcare system. Our law firm is at the forefront of the legal community in understanding and dealing with complex medical subrogation (repayment) issues. Car accident injury victims are often shocked to learn that the government and health insurers will make a claim on any financial recovery. We pay close attention to this issue to protect our clients. We have even sued the government to prevent it from taking too much of our client’s recovery.

*Each case is different. Past results do not guarantee future outcomes.

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