Government Liability

Seward vs. State of WA

Seward vs. State of WA

On October 12, 2013, Ms. Seward was a passenger in a vehicle that over corrected and struck an overpass pillar. She played no role in causing the incident. The vehicle should have encountered a barrier that would have redirected it.  Instead, it hit a mound of dirt, called an earth berm, that WSDOT installed years before. 

Remme vs. State of Washington and City of Seattle

December 2013

$4,000,000 settlement for Plaintiff on a bicycle who encountered a 2-inch vertical change between concrete sidewalk panels on the Montlake Bridge sidewalk. Defendants each blamed the other (State bridge; City sidewalk).  Plaintiff suffered incomplete quadriplegia. 

Van Lear vs. State of Washington, et al.

November 2013

$3,750,000 settlement where Defendant driver pulled onto a busy intersection on SR 2 and struck Plaintiffs who were on a motorcycle.  The SR 2-Flint Road intersection was unsafe because of the failure to provide a traffic light or otherwise reduce chaos at intersection. Both Plaintiffs suffered internal injuries and multiple fractures. 

McLaughlin vs. City of Ocean Shores

December 2008

$1,500,000 settlement

Settlement for the family of an Ocean Shores Fire Department Captain who died as a result of injuries from a near-drowning during a Surf Rescue Team training on personal watercraft (PWC).

Pattison vs. City of Chelan

March 2008

$4,500,000 settlement

Settlement for a spinal cord injury that resulted in the client being a tetraplegic. Client dove into Lake Chelan in a city park and hit his head on submerged rocks. No warnings of the danger were posted, nor were "No Diving" signs.